Dear Dade County,

As your newly elected Sheriff, I want to “Thank You” for your vote of confidence in the recent primary, run-off and general elections! I am truly grateful for democracy and for the freedom to vote for the candidates of ones choice. I assure you that whether you voted for me or for one of my opponents in the three recent elections, each individual in our great county will be equally supported and protected under my watch.

Since announcing my intention to run for public office almost a year ago, I have had the privilege of speaking with many Dade County citizens. Through our conversations, the message that you provided was clear: “We need a Sheriff who will be visible and accessible in our community and a Sheriff who will make the right budget choices during these tough economic times, without sacrificing the safety and security of our families, our property and our piece of mind”.

My promise to you was that, when elected, I would find effective, creative and efficient ways of cutting costs and managing the Sheriff Department budget, while still maintaining a high level of service. I assure you that I will find ways to stretch every dollar, using taxpayer funds only when and where they are needed.

My top priority as Sheriff is going to be keeping families safe from crime. You need to feel safe in your home and on our streets. While solving crimes is vital, my ultimate goal will be to prevent crimes from occurring. I will place an emphasis on drug enforcement to deter personal and property crimes in our county.

I believe that the future of our community lies within our youth. My administration will be very visible in our schools, providing drug and alcohol awareness to our children.

As promised during my campaign, I will soon begin holding regular town hall meetings in conjunction with county leadership. I will be an accessible Sheriff who stays aware of Dade County citizen’s concerns. My door to you will always be open!

After taking office in January, I will immediately begin working on improving response times to your calls by realigning patrolled areas and improving communication with local Police, Fire and Rescue personnel. I will work with all agencies in an effort to make sure that interoperability is in place and that important information is effectively shared, resulting in better service for all.

As your new Sheriff, I will not forget that I work for you! You have allowed me the opportunity to prove to you that my department and I can, and will, provide you with “The Law Enforcement You Deserve”! You made the right decision in electing me to this very important position and I am going to do my very best to make sure that you are not disappointed.

I sincerely “Thank You” for your confidence and look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Ray Cross


Committee to Elect Ray Cross
P.O. Box 901
Trenton, GA 30752

Phone: 423-322-7115